Arau Washing Machine Tank Cleanser 300G

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Arau washing machine container cleaner with additive-free. The cleaner includes additive-free enzyme-based cleaning pieces as well as organic herb. Containing natural essential oil of Spearmint for refreshing the smell of the tub after cleansing. Synthetic surfactant-free, synthetic fragrance-free, coloring agent-free, preservative-free. Tiny gap in the top of the program is a vent for preventing the bag from raising, and there is not a problem in the caliber of product and package. Please use this particular cleaner only for completely immediate washing machine (Stainless steel tub, clear plastic tub). Please do not make use of this cleaner for the drum category washing machine because there is a chance to become difficulty. Cleaning printer tub every month is really suggested. How to use: Put the entire cleanser in into the tub, before putting in h2o. Insert water. Adjust the water level to the top. Drinking water temperature should be between 20 along with 40 degrees celcius. Operate 2 to3 minutes to melt the fresher and after that switch off, near the lid and leave it for 2 to 4 hours. Operate one cycle with Standard Course at high water level. Do not lay water that is hot (more than 40 degrees celcius), or maybe it might create a malfunction. If it looks like dirt and also the bubbles remain after finishing a single cycle of operation, wash out the clothes tub again. Approximated Usage - Use 1 pack (300g) one time in a washing machine of 3 to 9 kg size.

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