Hair & Scalp Care Essence 120Ml

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PUELY HAIR & SCALP CARE ESSENCE turns your hair to appealing locks, under the idea From' Moisturizing to give' to' Moisturizing to cultivate'. This particular Hair and Scalp essence was born from the concept that the head therapy was essential and also face and body skin care. According to silk protein, domestically produced marine collagen, infiltrated ceramide, which is domestically produced without introducing any chemical substances, this particular ESSENCE also is focused on hair cycles and also the causes of gray hair, along with guarding from ultraviolet light, with domestic natural components of chaea extract, Ashitaba leaf base extract. This is additionally an aging treatment essence that approaches both hair and scalp at the same time. It arranges dampness balance, fills with enhanced moisture from the foundation of scalp on the tip of hair, and also will keep supple and glossy hair. How to use: May be utilized for hair that is damp (towel hair that is dry) along with dried out hair. Spray on the component of the hair as well as scalp that you care. After spraying, apply to the entire hair as well as rub the head gently.

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